Situation 1:  Where the applicant spouse is currently working outside the UK and has been employed for the last 12 months overseas and  is receiving in excess of £18,600. In addition to that, the partner must have a job offer starting within 3 months of return. The confirmed offer of employment in the UK on return will help to meet the financial criteria. Note: future overtime payments cannot be used towards the financial criteria.


Situation 2: Applicant’s Partner comes first to the UK, The applicant waits for the partner to find a job equivalent of earnings of £18,600. The British partner works for 6 months in the UK, find suitable accommodation. In the meantime, the applicant passes their English requirement and the medical examination overseas and prepares to come to UK.  It is also important to note that the employment has to be with the same employer minimum for the term of 6 months. If that period is broken, the British spouse has can show 12 months of employment if working less than 6 months with the same employer.


Situation 3: Savings of £62,500 in the couple’s bank account or individual bank accounts anywhere in the world. The amount has to be in the bank account for the last 6 months. You have to watch out for the minimum balance in the bank not being lower than the required figure at any point in the last 6 months. Please note the bank or savings account has to be current, deposit or investment account in the name of the british partner or applicant


Situation 4: Pension the annual pension can be used where the pension has become a source of income for the last 28 days atleast. Pension can also be combined with salaried and non-salaried employment.


Situation 5: Property rental. There may be case where the overseas British spouse owns property in the UK but rents it out. Therefore, the British partner is able to use that property income towards the financial requirement on a condition, it is owned by the person and is not their main residence and will not become main residence when returning to the UK. The amount of rental income received before any management fees or mortgage left on the property will be deducted.

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