The Home office has announced that Afghan interpreters  who worked with British troops fighting the Taliban would be allowed to stay in the UK.  In addition, to that they do not have to pay fees to apply for Indefinite leave to remain.  The home office have acknowledged the fact that they regularly put their lives at risk and  should be given some sort of concession. The Home Office will also make it easier for the inteperators to bring their wives and children from their home country to the UK.

We should see people pursuing this route but all the applications will be considered on it’s own merits and the decisions will be made accordingly by the Home Office.

Earlier, many of these interpreters have reached out to the governments of the UK and US for help and felt rejected . The home office felt a need to safeguard the interests of these interpreters who helped the troops in Afghanistan fight against the Taliban.  The recent announcement by the Home office, safeguarding the interest of the Afghan Interpreters is therefore, a welcoming piece of news.

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