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What Can I Do Next if I Have Been Refused & I Have a Right of Appeal? – We are proud to say that we have pooled together the wealth of experience and knowledge of our team and as a result, have developed an impressive track record in winning appeals. We have also obtained outstanding results for clients following lodging an appeal, without the matter actually reaching the Tribunal. Further, with many of those appeals that actually proceed to a full appeal hearing, a large number of them are allowed on the day itself, which is excellent. This saves time and stress for the client and we work hard to front load appeals so the other side has all of the facts very early on in the appeal process. We believe this is good practice.

Immigration Appeals From Outside The UK
If you are overseas and have applied for a UK visa which has been refused, you will have 28 days to appeal this decision from receipt if you have been granted a right of appeal (depending on method of service). The appeal must be lodged before this date expires.

Appeal From Within The UK
From within the UK, depending on the nature of refusal, you normally have 14 days to lodge an appeal to the Tribunal, if given the right of appeal.

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